Forget hipster brunches – traditional British breakfasts are back

Is the hipster brunch trend over? Fewer Britons have smashed avocados and croissants in the morning as classic breakfast staples such as dippy eggs and cereal make a comeback

  • In a poll, 68 per cent of Britons agreed brunch trend is waning 
  • A third say there’s been a resurgence in ‘old-fashioned British breakfast staples’ 
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Forget hipster brunches – classic British breakfasts are making a comeback, according to new research.

In a recent survey, 68 per cent of Britons agreed that the brunch trend is waning, with 38 per cent sitting down to a ‘proper’ breakfast and a third (35 per cent) believing that there has been a resurgence in ‘old-fashioned British breakfast staples’.

So what’s in and what’s out?

The poll, by artisan online grocer Milk & More, found that 28 per cent are eating fewer croissants, 26 per cent fewer Danish pastries and a quarter (25 per cent) fewer American-style pancakes.

Bagels (23 per cent), smashed avocados (22 per cent) and protein shakes (21 per cent) are also less popular.



1. Cereal 40%

2. = Scrambled Eggs 35%

2. = Tea with milk 35%

3. Porridge 34%

4. Bacon sandwich 33%

5. Toast with jam/marmalade 31%

6. Sausages 30%

7. A full English breakfast 28%

8. Crumpets 26%

9. = Poached eggs on toast 25%

9. = Beans 25%

10. Back bacon 24%

11. Soft boiled egg & soldiers 22%

12. Fried egg sandwich 20%

13. Fried bread 14%



1. Croissants (28%)

2. Danish pastries (26%)

3. = Waffles (25%)

3. = American-style pancakes (25%)

4. Blueberry muffins (24%)

5. Bagels (23%)

6. = Smoothies (22%)

6. = French toast (22%)

6. = Smashed avocados (22%)

7. Protein shakes (21%)

Source: The Milk & More ‘Big Breakfast survey’

According to a recent survey, 40 per cent of Britons are eating more cereal for breakfast

The traditional breakfast items Britons are consuming more of include cereals (40 per cent), scrambled eggs (35 per cent) and good-old tea with milk (35 per cent).

Thirty-four-per-cent of those polled are eating more porridge, 33 per cent more bacon sandwiches and 31 per cent are devouring more toast with jam or marmalade in the mornings.

Sausages (30 per cent), full English breakfasts (28 per cent), crumpets (26 per cent), poached eggs on toast (25 per cent) and eggs with soldiers (22 per cent) are also popular choices.

Four in ten (42 per cent) say that British breakfast staples are a great way to start the day.

A quarter (27 per cent), meanwhile, are buying British produce whenever possible, to support local farmers and brands (25 per cent).

The Milk & More ‘Big Breakfast survey’ revealed that 8am is the average time we eat breakfast during the week and 9am at the weekend.

Over half (54 per cent) eat their breakfast at the table at home, four in ten (44 per cent) sit on the sofa, while one in ten (eight per cent) eat at their desk in the office.

A third (32 per cent) admit to scrolling through social media while tucking into their breakfast, while a quarter (28 per cent) prefer to talk to their family.

The survey revealed that 22 per cent of people are eating more eggs with soldiers to start their day

Bagels (23 per cent), smashed avocados (above, 22 per cent) and protein shakes (21 per cent) are less popular breakfast items for Brits in 2023

Oooh la la: Twenty-eight per cent of those polled said they’re eating fewer French croissants for breakfast 

One in five (21 per cent) listen to the radio rather than watch TV, with 19 per cent reading the news on a mobile or iPad.

Patrick Muller, CEO at Milk & More, says: ‘Like half of the nation, we believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, whether you have tea, coffee, cereal, eggs, bacon, bread, porridge, crumpets or toast.

‘The findings reflect what we’re seeing across customer orders – as Brits are sitting down together more to eat breakfast and actively choosing to do their bit and shop more sustainably to protect the planet.

‘To help the nation make more of a meal out of breakfast, our annual Breakfast Week is back (6 to 12 March), encouraging everyone to rethink the first meal of the day, with ingredients delivered to their door by our team of milkmen and milkwomen, before 7am, without any pointless plastic packaging.’  

For more information about Breakfast Week (6-12 March), organised by Milk & More, visit

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