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A TRAVELLER has revealed a hack that holidaymakers can use to get cheap flights for their upcoming trips.

With flight prices on the rise, finding creative ways to cut the cost of air travel has become more important than ever.

While there are ways to find cheap holidays, tikToker _footluce has shared a potential way people can purchase cheap flights by using a website called Soar Fare.

In a recent video, she said: "If you want to travel, or you're a budget traveller, or whatever, I need to put you onto something because this is such a good way to find cheap flights.

"Not only can you find the cheapest flights possible, save money for those flights, you also get money towards those flights."

She explained that budding holidaymakers pay a subscription fee, starting at $20 (£16.49) per month, in exchange for points that can be used to purchase flights.

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"You search for flights on there, and get the cheapest flights because they literally have them at wholesale price, so no markups or anything.

"You pay for points and they give you free points every month as well.

"Not only does your money buy points, but they give you free points, which literally equates to money towards flights."

The video has been viewed more than 5,000 times, but not everyone was convinced by the cheap flight trick.

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One person wrote: "Sounds so nice, but it’s overpriced. Madrid to Palma is €17 on Skyscanner, same flight on SoarFare $37$?"

The Sun Online Travel put the hack to the test.

We found that return flights from London Gatwick to Athens in Greece were £33 more expensive per person on Soar Fare.

Even when additional points were added towards the cost of a flight, booking direct with an airline or through a search engine was cheaper.

Another budget traveller on TikTok revealed that he always books his flights through Google Flights.

The traveller, known as ndainternet, has said that the search engine shows the cheapest airfares for several different destinations, allowing you to pick the cheapest one for a holiday.

And a money expert revealed how the day you book and the day you fly can impact how expensive your flights are.

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