A VIDEO of a passenger dunking another traveller's hair in coffee and gum is recirculating online, after a woman was shamed for hanging her hair over the back of a plane seat at the weekend.

Last week, a video posted on Twitter showed a woman's hair draped down onto another passenger's tray table.

Twitter user Anthony shared the picture on October 20 with the caption “Would this p**s you off” with many agreeing that it would.

Since then, a video which was posted back in 2020 has reignited fury among travellers, after another woman did something similar.

In the video shared on TikTok, the fuming traveller sat behind was spotted mixing gum into the hair.

Along with the chewing gum and coffee, a lolly was tangled into the hair and several strands were cut using nail scissors.

At one point during the video, a flight attendant walks past but misses what's going on.

The TikTok video has been liked 9.6 million times since it was uploaded, although many warn that it is fake.

Many viewers argued the clip was staged and the passenger was wearing a wig, because under normal circumstances she would have felt her hair being played with.

Whether or not the clip is real, it turns out plenty of people would have done the same if a passenger obscured their TV screen with hair.

One person wrote: "Okay if this is real I agree with these actions."

Someone else said: "I would have cut so much more off once she kept flipping it back."

Another added: "Totally on your side."

Another passenger was caught chopping a woman's hair off during a flight recently, but later admitted it was a prank.

A TikTok user was even banned from an airline after he posted a "hack" on how to get free baggage while travelling.

Meanwhile, one woman went viral after she posted a video of herself laughing when a baby kept hitting her during a flight.

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