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A £10 item loved by flight attendants is a game-changer for your holiday – and will even save you money.

Brits who are on a budget holiday may find their hotel room is without a kettle or coffee maker.

So instead of having to pay for an overpriced breakfast tea, you can instead boil it yourself with a collapsible kettle.

Folding flat, it can be packed into your hand luggage and then whipped out for your room.

Examples include the Hi-Gear Collapsible Kettle, which can be found on Go Outdoors for just £10 or on Amazon for £15 here.

It is also a great idea for Brits opting for a camping staycation this year, for those who want a quick cuppa without boiling water over the campfire.

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One frequent traveller explained that he saved hundreds of pounds on food when in fancy resorts by using the kettle.

Joseph Hostetler explained that while staying at luxury resorts that cost up to $2,000 a night, he saved as much as $600 by avoiding the expensive restaurants and cooking heat-up food with a collapsible kettle instead.

He said: "It's a sacrifice we're willing to make to visit a glitzy property that we otherwise simply couldn't afford.

"Just boil some water for three minutes, pour it into a bag of dehydrated food, and voila: You've saved $200 on dinner. That's not an exaggeration."

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And cabin crew have sung its praises as well, saying it was a great way to still make tea and coffee even when budget hotels have no facilities.

Flight attendant Amber Blansit told NY Mag: "Often, our only option is hotel coffee, and since the beginning of the pandemic, sometimes coffee-makers aren’t even available to us.

“I’ll never be stuck on a layover without hot tea or coffee ever again, and if I’m feeling extra-spicy, you better believe you can find me heating up some instant ramen or even hot chocolate on those chilly winter nights,”

It's not just drinks as well, saying she also used it to make porridge and noodles.

She added: "I get a little creative and set some things on top of the kettle (wrapped in paper or foil, of course) to warm from the steam."

Another flight attendant told Buzzfeed she also swore by packing one: "The kettle comes in multiple uses to make tea, oatmeal, and ramen as a backup food option." 

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It's a great idea to take your own kettle even if the hotel room has one, after guests were revealed to be using one to clean their underwear in.

And others have even reportedly urinated inside them – so having your own will put your mind at ease.

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