Girl creates plane-shaped cabin with real flight seats and overhead lockers – and you can spend the night | The Sun

YOU can spend the night in an amazing plane-shaped cabin with real flight seats and overhead lockers.

What makes it even more fantastic is that it was designed by a 12-year-old girl.

Lujzi Pados, from Hungary, created the idea with her dad for the small house which doubles up as a playhouse and holiday rental.

Their idea was then turned into reality by Budapest-based architecture firm Hello Wood.

The cabin, in the shape of a tiny blue plane, can sleep two with a double bed tucked into the nose of the plane.

Also inside are two real plane cabin seats, as well as a tiny kitchen with sink and hotplate and a desk.

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The cabin has its own bathroom inside and even has real overhead lockers installed.

Aviation fans will be able to spot the tiny Pan Am model plane, as well as boarding passes and inflight brochures.

It is tucked into Zala County in Hungary, so is just a few hours from the UK.

Tamás Fülöp, the Jet House’s project architect, said: "We were happy to accept the unusual assignment.

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"As an architect, it is an inspiring task to design a structure that has to be cute.

"It was also a challenge to incorporate traditional architectural elements into the sculptural shape, such as waterproofing, vapor barrier, and thermal insulation."

Don't worry if the weather outside isn't great – the entire plane cabin has a waterproof layer that keeps the rain out.

The cabin will soon open to the public although the prices are yet to be revealed.

Hello Wood said:"With her cosy Jet, Lujzi is on cloud nine, and she would be delighted if others could also experience what it is like to stay in an airplane house."

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One man even bought an entire Boeing plane for £82,000 – and now lives in it himself.

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