Google Flights will now help you find even cheaper flights by searching nearby airports – The Sun

GOOGLE Flights will now search alternative airports nearby to offer cheaper flights.

The search engine will also offer different dates which could save you money.

The new updates will allow users who have flexibility in their travel plans to find different routes and options for their next holiday.

Google Flights will push an alert if you can save money on either dates or airport.

We investigated for ourselves, and found a flight from London to Jacksonville from November 26 to November 27 costs £1,356.

An update advises us to change dates from November 23 to November 24 to travel for just £307.

Similarily, a pop up tells us to change airports from Jacksonville to Atlanta to save over £1,000.

It could also be useful for Brits who live between two airports – people living in Leicester could have the option of flights from either East Midlands Airport, around 20 miles away or Birmingham Airport, 35 miles away.

Google Flights will offer prices from all airports, showing which is cheapest.

The search engine will also allow you to look at prices across a whole month using a price grid.

By changing the dates of departure and return, it will show the cheapest in green – and the most expensive days to avoid in red.

The new updates could save you thousands of pounds on your next holiday, without having to do anything different.

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