BRITS have been warned to avoid checking their luggage this summer, as travel chaos hits most UK airlines and airports.

Flying with just a carry-on will let you skip lengthy check-in queues and avoid getting caught up in the baggage delays that have seen passengers wait for days to receive their suitcases.

Squeezing a long weekend's worth of items into a cabin bag can be tough, especially when it comes to bulky toiletries.

But opting for convenience by picking up those tiny travel-sized toiletries in the airport can be expensive. 

Some products are up to five times more expensive per 100ml than the larger versions.

For instance, Dove body wash at Superdrug costs 237 per cent more in travel-sized format and Soltan 30 suncream at Boots costs 300 per cent more in travel-sized packaging.

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There are a number ways to save money and size on toiletries though – read on to find out the top tips from Which?:

  1. Decant regular toiletries into small bottles 

    Which? suggests decanting regular-sized toiletries into smaller bottles, which can then be taken through security – a set of 7 empty travel bottles costs £1 at Poundland.

  2. Get toiletries delivered to the airport

    Those wanting to take toiletries that are larger than 100ml could use a click-and-collect service to get them delivered to an airport branch of Boots, which can be picked up after passing through security.

    Customers can order and pay for the toiletries they’d like online by placing the order three days in advance – they'llneed to choose the date of their flight as the pickup date.

    Boots’ click and collect service costs £1.50 for a spend less than £15 – otherwise, it's free.

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  1. Buy abroad and/or share the cost

    If travelling in a group, you could buy your toiletries when you arrive at your chosen destination and share – rather than buying individually.

    In its price analysis, Which? found that a full-sized Dove body wash, costing £1.15, was cheaper than the travel-sized version, which cost £1.50.

  2. Use shampoo bars and solid toothpaste

    Many brands now offer shampoo and conditioner bars, they are easy to travel with as they don't count as a liquid, gel or aerosol at airport security.

    It's also possible to buy things such as solid toothpaste and deodorant sticks, which won't count towards your liquids allowance either.

  3. Get rewarded for recycling your toiletries

    After returning from holiday, check if empty bottles can be recycled before throwing them away, as some retailers offer vouchers for empty beauty products.

    For example, John Lewis has a ‘BeautyCycle’ scheme, where customers can get £5 off their next purchase for bringing five or more empty beauty products to a branch and showing their My John Lewis card.

    Lush has a ‘Bring It Back’ scheme offering 50p off your next purchase for returning qualifying, empty, full-sized Lush products.

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