BRITS returning from a trip abroad could be forced to shell out an extra £15 to do their Covid tests over Zoom, it has been revealed.

This would be on top of the cost of a lateral flow test, which will be enforced later this month and cost around £30 per person.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid is said to back the plans due to concerns over the validity of the tests being taken.

However, experts have warned of a "logistical nightmare" if more staff will be needed to conduct the video calls, with the £15 charge meant to cover this.

The Department for Transport (DfT) is also "not happy" with video testing, according to a source, who claim they should be able to do the tests and home and email their results.

They told the Telegraph: "They hope it won't be adopted because it is just another unnecessary hurdle to restoring foreign travel. But it will come down to how much support it gets on the day."

One insider also said: “You’ve not had to before, so why the need to take it over a Zoom call now? It defeats the purpose.”

Currently, Brits have to pay for a PCR test when returning from any country not on the red list, taken on day two and costing as much as £100.

The government has already scrapped the pre-arrival test and confirmed that the change from a day two PCR to a day two lateral flow will hopefully be in place in time for the October half-term.

Despite hopes this could make a holiday much cheaper for families, who are paying an average of £400 on tests per trip, there are fears the PCR tests could remain in place.

A source explained: “There’s a very real chance PCRs will still have to be taken after the half-term holidays.

“Those who claim to be great unlockers have been captured quickly by the health officials.”


Other holiday rules have already been scrapped this week, including the green and amber list.

The only remaining red list, warning against non-essential travel such as holidays, is also hoped to be drastically reduced later today, from 54 countries to just nine.

This could affect Mexico, Cuba and Thailand, all popular with Brits but still on the red list.

The Foreign Office has also dropped the advice warning against travel to 32 more countries, announced last night.

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