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A HOLLYWOOD star has revealed his bizarre tactic to avoid being embarrassed after using the plane bathroom.

Actor Neil Patrick Harris told Thrillist that passengers can often "refuse to use the bathroom […]for fear of leaving a bad smell."

Thankfully he had his own tried-and-tested method to avoid this.

He explained back in 2017: "When you have to go No. 2 in an airplane bathroom, flush while you go, then flush after you go,"

"Then – you laugh, but this is effective – use hand soap. Put it on your hands and all over your arms, and do, like, tai chi moves with your arms."

"Then wash your hands, and then the bathroom doesn't smell like your stuff. Every time I do it I'm impressed with myself."

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However, no matter how much you try, crew will most likely still know what you are doing in there.

An anonymous flight attendant told Buzzfeed: "The toilets are near where we sit.

"No matter how hard you try to cover up the fact that you’re taking a dump, it makes a different noise than if you just go number one, so we always know."

There are two key times to use the bathroom if you want some peace and quiet, however.

Erika Roth, a former flight attendant who flew with commercial airlines said the perfect time comes as soon as the seat belt signs are off, because most people won't need the loo yet.

Failing that, the next best moment comes just at the beginning of the drinks service, as people will want to wait to get their drinks first.

One thing you don't have to worry about is being sucked into the loo, despite the common myth.

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The vacuum on the plane toilet works only at the opening of the disposal pipe, and the toilets are designed to prevent this from happening.

Here are some of the weirdest places crew have found poo on a plane.

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