Hotel guest left stunned by unusual 'towel etiquette' he never knew about – and people are divided | The Sun

A HOTEL guest has sparked debate over towel etiquette that they admitted they weren't sure about.

Tipping can be a difficult thing for people to get their heads around, especially for those who aren't used to doing it.

However, one person who still wasn't certain what they should or shouldn't be tipping their hotel staff for was Tiktoker Byron Seto (@byron.seto).

During a recent stay, they were informed that they ought to have been tipping workers for bringing them a towel.

However, they previously had never been told that was the case.

In a video, they said: "Why was I just informed you're supposed to tip the hotel people when you ask for towels. Girl, what am I paying for?

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"I understand things like helping with luggage and whatnot but this is the first time hearing about this."

The video has been seen more than 85,000 times, with people disputing whether or not Byron's information was correct.

There were those who agreed that they shouldn't be tipping for towels.

One said: "I get tipping after they clean your room or bring your luggage or room service but for towels seems excessive."

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Another added: "Yeah you absolutely don’t need to do that.

"I would’ve been flabbergasted if someone tipped me for getting towels."

However, others were shocked to see people didn't pay up for such favours.

One wrote: "These comments are crazy y’all need to start treating people nicely."

Another said: "My parents do it all the time, also the lobby people when they move your luggage."

A third agreed, saying: "You should always tip staff at hotels, even if it’s only a dollar or two."

Towels aren't the only things that some people aren't aware that they should be tipping people for, according to a former hotel worker.

Stephanie Land, who wrote the book Maid which was adapted into a Netflix series last year, shared her tips for what to do when leaving a hotel room.

She said guests should be tipping their cleaners every day they stay at the hotel.

She claimed that they should be paying at least $10 (£7.60) a day, per person who stayed in the room.

She wrote on Twitter: "Tip. ($10 (£7.60)/day, per person who stayed) If your stay is multiple days, tip every day you expect cleaning service. Seriously."

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Meanwhile, a hotel cleaner revealed the five items they never clean in the rooms.

And hotel guests make a big mistake when checking out of rooms, even if they think it’s helping.

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