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A HOTEL worker has revealed the dirtiest parts of hotel rooms, including one thing that she claims only gets cleaned once a year.

Some may assume that the toilet is the dirtiest part of any room, but often they'd be wrong, with bathrooms in hotels usually getting a regular scrub from the cleaning staff.

However, there are other parts of your accommodation that are cleansed a lot less frequently.

Hotel worker Evangeline (@queenevangeline25) knows all too well which items aren't as pristine as guests would like and said she even takes her own products with her, just in case.

In a video on Tiktok, she pointed out the three main parts of a hotel room that she avoids whenever she checks in.

Firstly, she dodges the TV remote, which is handled by just about every guest who stays in the room.

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She said: "I would never use the remote control without wiping it down first with my own Clorox wipes.

"Your cleaning and my cleaning are different cleaning, do you feel me?"

Next on her list of things to avoid are the glasses in the hotel room, which Evangeline also said don't get cleaned as thoroughly as she would like.

She continued: "I would never use the glasses in the room – I'm not talking about stryofoam cups or the paper cups – I'm talking about the glass glasses that are sitting there for you to use.

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"I would never use them without washing them first."

Finally, the item Evangeline gives the widest berth is the bedspread, which she claims can sometimes be washed only once a year.

She explained: "I would never make myself comfortable on the bedspread, or sit on the bedspread.

"That thing comes off the first minute I walk into the hotel.

"Those things are not washed often.

"If it's an actual bedspread, those things get cleaned maybe once a year. Don't sit on those."

As well as the three places Evangeline mentioned, the carpet is also often considered to be one of the dirtiest places in a hotel room.

Hotel expert Jacob Tomsky previously explained why you should never walk barefoot in your room, no matter how clean the floor looks.

Jacob, who worked in the hotel business for ten years, told Sun Online Travel: "The dirtiest part of a hotel room is the carpets.

“Yes, they are vacuumed but they will almost never get a shampoo and a deep clean as there are constantly people staying in the rooms."

He added: “Carpets need properly cleaning more than they ever are.

“There’s a high chance of there being fragments of smashed glass from where people have broken glasses too.”

Don't worry about leaving the slippers behind either – you can take them home with you, as they can't be reused.

Some people are so disgusted by the hotel room floors, that they go to silly lengths to avoid stepping on them.

For instance, one woman became the target of fun on TikTok for what she claims was a clever use of hotel towels.

In a video, the TikToker called Allison tried to show everyone what the small towel in a hotel should actually be used for.

The footage shows Allison unrolling her small towel in front of her hotel shower, before laying it out on the floor, ready to be stood on post-wash.

It is accompanied by the text: "Y'all know what this towel is really for in hotels!

"Cause who really puts their barefoot on those floors???"

However, other users weren't convinced her makeshift bathmat was really much of a hidden trick at all.

One person argued: "It’s not a hack. That’s its intended purpose. Today you learned."

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