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PASSENGERS are able to find out in advance whether or not they will be in for a bumpy flight, just by looking at their phones.

Turbulence is one of the least enjoyable aspects of flying, but being prepared for it can make it easier to endure.

The Turbulence Forecast app can help passengers prepare for their flights, and let them know how shaky they can expect their trip to be.

The app provides passengers with the same information that pilots and cabin crew have access to, that predict how much turbulence there will be on each journey.

From that information, they are able to determine any changes to the route or changes in altitude.

The app claims to give people "insider information on potential turbulence on your flight".

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The app description says: "You have access to all the maps flight crews use to make your flight as smooth as possible.

"Fun fact: many flight crews use our app because they love the way the information is presented.

"Please remember to always fasten your seatbelt."

The app has been reviewed more than 120 times, receiving an overall score of 4.8/5.

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One user said it "took the edge off" the turbulence on their flights if they knew it was coming.

They wrote: "I use their maps religiously before a flight. Sometimes I check them out days ahead and multiple times before heading out.

"I beyond recommend the detailed personal forecasts, sometimes it helps just to know what it might be like.

"I find there has been a pretty high accuracy rate in all my time using them."

Another user said they use it during flights to work out how long periods of turbulence will last.

They said: "I love and rely on this app while flying.

"I am an anxious flyer and this app gives me an idea of when and where we could hit turbulence.

"I often use it during a flight, when connected to wifi, to gauge when the turbulence will be done. It has been extremely accurate for me and I can't recommend it enough."

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