NEXT time you stay at a hotel, you can make sure you keep your family even safer – simply by using your belt.

Royal Marine Robin often explains his tips and advice on how to stay safe or escape danger on his social media account.

Shared on his TikTok page DutchintheUSA, he explained how you can easily stay safe using just your belt, if you ever feel your room could easily be broken into.

He explained: "Here are some hotel room safety tips you should know about.

"Use your belt to go through the chain link. This makes it harder to pick it or even remove the lock."

He then showed how looping the belt through the top lock and around the door handle means it cannot be opened.

The marine, who admits he often stays in dangerous places, also had other tips including putting a glass on the door handle, which will wake you up if anyone tries to turn it to get in.

An extreme measure, he also said you can use the shower curtain rail, if it detaches from the walls in the bathroom, for extra security.

Calling it the "self-made barrier," he says you can use the curtain role in the "triangular" method to put pressure on the door so it wont open, if you jam it sideways against the door handle and the wall next to it.

While this only works if the door is next to a wall at a right angle, it is another way to increase the safety in the room in an emergency.

Some people in the comments said the measure were overboard, with one calling it "so damn extra."

However, other people said it was great for women who were travelling alone if they felt unsafe.

One person said: "I'm a female and I travel for business. This is good."

Another person said: "Everyone thinks 'it will never happen to me' until it does. Better to be safe than sorry."

Robin's other tips include how to escape a sinking car, the best self-defence tips and what to do if you are ever kidnapped.

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