A HUGELY popular new land is set to open at Universal Florida, it has been confirmed.

The news was announced during the opening of a similar land at Universal Studios in Hollywood earlier this month.

Super Nintendo Land officially opened in Los Angeles on February 17, with rides and attractions based on the loved Mario games.

And now it has been confirmed that a similar iteration of the land is set to be part of the Orlando theme park too.

It follows the success of the first Super Nintendo Land at Universal in Osaka Japan, which opened in 2021.

The next version of the land will open its doors to the public in Florida in 2025.

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CEO Mark Woodbury made the announcement as he was opening the land in Hollywood, which has quickly become popular.

Guests access the park via the iconic green warp pipe and through Princess Peach's castle, entering the Mushroom Kingdom.

The main ride is the Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge ride.

Guests sit in four-seat cars while using head-mounted AR goggles and moving along a ride track to collect coins and defeat Bowser.

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The ride is set in Bowser's Castle, although there are lots of other challenges in the land from popular characters such as Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Piranha Plant and Thwomp.

Food is served at the Toadstool cafe, with snacks such as Super Mushroom Soup and Toadstool Cheesy Garlic Knots, as well as other nibbles including ?-Block Tiramisu and Princess Peach Cupcakes.

Jon Corfino, vice president of Universal Creative told CNBC: “If you take a look around, I think we are successful at creating this very immersive, enclosed and yet intimate environment where you really feel like you’ve stepped into the game.

"Because you don’t really see anything else around you and you’re totally contained.”

Guests have the option to spend $40 (£33) on a Power-Up Band which interacts with the Universal app, meaning people can collect virtual coins and track their progress.

This enables visitors to play the final boss battle, an all action challenge against enemy Bowser Jr.

This involves guests jumping to hit imaginary blocks, while flailing around to use weaponry to thwart their foe.

There are lots of fun quirks built into the land too, including telescopes containing augmented reality.

The LA Times describe these as looking into a "living video game" with "cannon-fired Bullet Bills soar about the heads of guests".

Access to the park is included with Universal admission, which ranges between $109-149 (£91-124)

After the land opened its doors, Mario fans were quick to announce their excitement.

One wrote on Twitter: "I’m so excited to see the new Mario kart land lol."

Another said: "This looks awesome!"

A third added: "I am super excited about Super Mario land at Universal Studios. Who Else?"

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