I fly by private jet and it’s so much better than normal planes – there’s no security and the pilot carries my luggage | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the perks that make flying in a private jet so much better than commercial planes.

The social media content creator explained the ins and outs of private jet travel, including not having to stand in long queues at security.

In a video posted on TikTok, the user who is known as flyingwithmonica, shared some insights into her lifestyle onboard private planes.

She said: "My flight is at 10am, so at 9.45am I am leaving the house and driving to the airport."

The woman then hopped into what appeared to be a golf cart and drove to the airport.

When she arrived at the private jet hangar, she dialled a number into a keypad to open a security gate.

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She said: "The private airports do not have a check in counter or security gates and I can pull up right next to the plane."

Once she'd parked the golf cart next to the plane, a pilot arrived to carry her bags onto the aircraft.

She added: "The pilots take care of the luggage and after they check my ID, I can board, then in less than 10 minutes we are in the air."

The video has been viewed over 675,000 times and liked by 71,00 users on TikTok.

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Many users were in awe of the lavish lifestyle, and one wrote: "This is the life I want."

While another added: "Dreams money can buy."

In other videos, the passenger who often travels in private planes has revealed other secrets such as no baggage limits for passengers on private flights.

She also showed how she passed the time in a private airport when her flight was delayed during the Christmas holidays.

In the luxurious lounge she revealed a TV screen, a coffee machine, a complementary pastry buffet, a fridge with bottled water and a bathroom complete with mouthwash, tampons and other travel essentials to freshen up on the move.

If you fancy a taste of the trying private jet travel without breaking the bank, then private flights can be nabbed for as little as £119 return.

Meanwhile, this woman ended up having a private jet, when she ended up being the only passenger on her flight.

A former flight attendant revealed the highs and lows of accompanying VIP passengers around the world.

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