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A WOMAN who hasn't checked in a suitcase for more than a decade has revealed her top trips for travelling with just hand luggage.

Many travellers are being advised to leave their big suitcases at home due to the current travel chaos and bring only carry-on bags with them on their holidays.

Travel expert Jennifer Weatherhead told CTV: “I think once you go carry-on, you’re not going to be able to go back.

"You’ll just feel so much better about having all of your stuff with you.

“And the more you try it, the better you're going to get at doing it.”

Here are her top six tips for packing light when flying.

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1. Know your flight's carry on rules

Jennifer's number one rule is to make yourself aware of what you can and can't take on your flight, as each airline will have different rules.

For instance, carry on bags for Ryanair are a different size to those permitted on easyJet flights, while British Airways allows passengers to bring more than one bag on board.

Bringing a bag that doesn't match your airline's rules could lead you to a costly fine.

2. Board your flight as soon as possible

Cabin crew will bring passengers at the front of the plane on first, then fill towards the back, so getting a ticket for a seat near the front will allow you to be one of the first to board.

Therefore you won't be looking around for space in the overhead bins once the plane fills up with passengers.

With limited space on the plane for hand luggage to be stowed, some will inevitably end up having to be stored with the checked luggage.

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3. You don't need that many shoes

Packing too many shoes is a mistake a lot of holidaymakers make, according to Jennifer.

Her advice is to plan what you will wear on each day of your trip before you leave, that way you won't end up taking any surplus items of clothing with you.

Shoes are seen as the worst items to overpack because they don't fit neatly into a suitcase.

4. Cube your items when packing

Separating your items into categories and putting them in individual bags is known as 'cubing'.

This could mean putting all your t-shirts together in a separate bag, or your underwear, or whatever.

The idea is to compress your items so they take up less space, and there are packing cubes available to help you do this.

5. Check if you have access to laundry services

If your accommodation offers laundry, has washing machines, or is near a laundrette, then you can save even more space.

By packing clothes that can be easily washed and dried, they can be reworn more than others.

Jennifer recommends breathable fabrics that not only dry faster, but take up less space than cotton clothing.

6. Only take toiletries you use every day

As well as shoes, toiletries and cosmetics are things that people tend to overpack.

However, with only 100ml bottles permitted, it is important to only take the items you will definitely need.

The advice is to go through everything you're thinking of taking and ditch the stuff you don't use every day – what's left should fit into a small toiletry bag.

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