I refused to give my first-class seat to my boss while she sat in economy – but people think I'm in the right | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed how her boss fumed at her after she refused to give them her first-class plane seat.

The passenger, 32, revealed how her boss slammed her "lack of respect for protocol" after she accepted a frequent-flyer upgrade when they were flying back from a conference together.

But the woman said her boss, 50, is "insane" for demanding she hand over an upgrade she got through her own personal spending.

Taking to Reddit, the woman said: "Yesterday, my boss and I were flying home from a conference.

"We were on the same flight, but our original seats were not next to each other.

"I’m a frequent traveller on this airline and use their credit card, so I often get free upgrades to first class.

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"I got upgraded on this flight and my boss did not."

The woman added: "After the flight, when we were collecting our bags, she said she wanted to talk to me about my 'lack of respect for protocol'.

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"She thinks that because the company paid for my original ticket, and she is more senior than me, I should’ve given her the first class seat.

"I think this is absolutely insane. While the company paid for my seat, it’s my own personal credit card spending, and frequent travel that earned me the upgraded seat."

Fellow Americans on Reddit said that the woman was entirely in the right.

One said: "She was probably fuming in her seat the entire flight thinking about you and having an inner tantrum about it. She was just jealous, plain and simple."

Another said: "Tell her to refer to the f**k you protocol."

A third said: "In the US Army it is considered an offence worthy of punishment for a superior to use their position to garner favour or preference over those under their command."

It comes after a passenger slammed a flight attendant for not moving out of his way in the plane aisle.

But flight attendants online hit back at his "entitled" attitude, saying that crew should always take priority in the aisle.

Another passenger was ridiculed after standing up to use a headrest as a desk on a five-hour flight.

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