I rent out my spare room on Airbnb & it pays for a 3-month holiday to Spain each year | The Sun

A MUM earns £900 a month by renting out her spare room, and she uses the money to live in Spain for months at a time.

Suzanne Noble, 61, started listing her home in Kilburn, West London, on Airbnb five years ago to supplement her income.

Suzanne told the Sun Online Travel: "It started five years ago when my eldest son was back and forth after graduating from university.

"I was starting a new business and knew I wasn't going to have much in the way of income, so I stuck my spare room on Airbnb."

With two bedrooms unoccupied in her three-bed home, Suzanne rented one out to a lodger in addition to her Airbnb listing.

Solo travellers can book to stay in the private room for £35, while two guests are charged £50 for their stay.

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She said: "I try to make £900 per month from the spare room."

With the extra cash, Suzanne rents out a property in Las Palmas in Gran Canaria for three months of the year.

She said: "[Airbnb] has definitely helped to supplement my income and it helps to cover my rent a bit more while I'm in Spain."

Friends and family have told Suzanne that she could charge travellers more for a night's stay in London.

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Despite the encouragement from loved ones, Suzanne prefers to keep her costs low to temper expectations.

Holidaymakers staying with Suzanne aren't allowed to cook in the kitchen, but they can brew a cuppa.

This is because the mum-of-two didn't want strangers loitering while she spent the evening cooking.

She added: "For most people I'm a cheap hotel, but some guests have treated me like a concierge. They've asked me where to go in London and what to do in the city.

"For a couple of years, I felt like a housekeeper in my own home because I was looking after people and changing bed sheets every day."

Over the years, Suzanne has welcomed hundreds of well-meaning travellers through her doors and only had three terrible experiences with guests.

Suzanne added: "There was a guy who wanted me to fulfil his prescription because he'd gotten gout during his visit. I had to run around to the pharmacy to chase his prescription."

"There was an Irish woman who got really drunk and made a play for my son. She urinated on the bathroom floor andburned a cigarette hole in the carpet – she never came back out of the room during the rest.

"Finally, there was a guy who slept with his door wide open, he was on top of the sheets with just his boxers on."

Despite these horror stories, Suzanne will keep renting out her room for the foreseeable future.

She said|: "It's a great form of passive income and it's mostly really lovely people."

Guests can book to stay in Suzanne's spare room from £35 per night on Airbnb.

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