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ONE flight attendant has revealed why it can be better to work on commercial flights over private jets.

While the VIP passengers may lead glamorous lifestyles, the members of cabin crew responsible for ferrying them around the globe aren't always in the same boat.

Flight attendant Patricia Green told website Simple Flying why many cabin crew members sometimes prefer working onboard commercial flights.

The lack of airline perks

She said: "In general, there are no airline perks for flight attendants working on private jets, so you would not get staff travel or free flights.

"Sometimes you have to provide your own uniform, shoes and suitcases, which an airline normally supplies.

"You often have to cover the costs of passports and visas for traveling to certain countries."

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According to Patricia private flight attendants often have to pay for their own training costs too.

Demanding passengers

It may seem obvious but VIP passengers can also be very demanding.

Flight attendants are on their feet for the entire flight, which can be tiring enough without passengers expecting constant drink refills and five-star meals.

That's without even mentioning the pets and kids who are allowed to run riot on board.

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Long hours and working conditions

Flight attendants who work on private jets are placed on standby for some of their flights.

While most operators will try to give between 12 to 24 hours notice, this isn't always the case and crew members can be called on at the last minute to work – no matter the time of day.

That being said, flight attendants can end up waiting hours for their VIP passengers to arrive.

As well as seeing to the passengers' needs, they need to ensure the jet is clean and tidy, that the plane is stocked and the catering organised.

Despite the disadvantages, Patricia said: "It is a very challenging and demanding job but the good tends to outweigh the bad!"

Meanwhile a private jet flight attendant has revealed the craziest and worst requests from the most demanding passengers she's served on board.

She revealed some of the strangest things including crawling along the floor to remove single strands of hair from the plane floor.

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