A PASSENGER was kicked off her flight after airport workers charged her £79 for oversized luggage, even though it easily fit in the bag size checker.

Airlines can make a lot of extra money by charging passengers for their bags, but some try and make people pay when they really shouldn't have to.

Staff from American airline Frontier were filmed accusing passengers of "forcing" their bags into the size checkers at the airport.

They then told the passengers they had to pay extra for their luggage.

Tiktoker Irina (@Irinakaulitts1) was one of those who was told they had to pay extra, and she filmed an airport staff member saying "you were forcing the bag" when she asked why she had to cough up.

Irina said she was charged $99 (£79) for the bag, even though it easily fit, but she was then not permitted to board because she had been filming the airline's staff.

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She shared the footage to Tiktok where she said: "I paid for my personal item.

"You can see in a video it fitted perfectly. They didn't board me on the flight because I was recording them. So I lost the flight, money for luggage and 1 day of work. And they won't refund my money."

Irina also called out the airport staff members, accusing them of getting a bonus for every passenger they make spend extra on luggage.

She shouted: "I know you get $10 per bag, I know that already."

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Frontier have previously admitted that they do offer such financial incentives for their airport staff.

A spokesperson for the airline told The Independent in March the fee is “simply an incentive for our airport customer service agents to help ensure compliance with our policies and that all customers are treated equally.”

The video has been seen more than 240,000 times since she shared it, with people sharing their own stories of flying with the airline.

One wrote: "Was in this same situation a month ago. Worst flying experience, EVERYONE ended up paying extra even though their bag does fit."

Another said: "Why do they act like the worlds smallest personal item is going to ruin the entire flight?"

A third added: "If it fits it fits. Doesn’t matter if you force."

It's not the first time Frontier staff have been filmed accusing passengers of forcing their luggage into the size checkers.

Another woman filmed similar scenes at an airport in February this year.

More passengers had the same problems just a month later with bags that clearly fit.

Sun Online Travel has contacted Frontier for comment.

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