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A COUPLE have been praised after snitching on a passenger for bringing an animal on board a flight.

The pair were sat behind another couple who kept taking their pet out of its carry case, despite being told they weren't allowed.

The animal owners had their pet dog in a special travel bag, which it was supposed to stay in for the entirety of the flight.

However, they kept breaking the rules and letting it out, much to the annoyance of other passengers on board.

The couple sat behind them resorted to telling the flight attendants about the dog, which landed the pet owners in trouble.

One of the snitches said they ended up feeling bad for what they had done, especially after it turned out that the couple with the dog were flying for very sad reasons.

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So they reached out to social media site Reddit to see if they had been in the right or not.

They wrote: "After take-off, the couple in front of us took the dog out of its carrying case and were just holding it. We could see that the dog was just out in the airplane.

"There was a definite dog smell in our area.

"A flight attendant saw and told them it wasn’t allowed and that the dog shouldn’t be out."

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Despite being told by a flight attendant not to get the dog out, the couple ignored the rules and continued to do it.

That's when the people behind them snitched to the cabin crew.

They continued: "A few hours went by and it happened again. The flight attendant was right next to us and my wife told him the dog was out so they got scolded yet again."

However, the couple who snitched were soon made to feel bad after it turned out the dog owners were flying to deal with an emergency situation after a tragic accident.

They said "An hour or so before the flight was due to land, the husband turned to us and apologised for their dog and said that they had to book this flight in an emergency as his wife’s parents had a tragic accident and they were doing whatever they could to get there.

"At this point, my wife and I just look at each other and are now feeling terrible.

"Are we bad people for snitching on a couple for having their dog out of its carrying case after finding out the very sad news?"

However, despite the sad news, people praised the snitches and said that they were still in the right.

One said: "Just because they’re on an emergency flight doesn’t mean they can’t follow the rules and put their dog in the carrier."

Another commented: "There's reasons for the dog needing to be in the carrier on the plane, regardless of what's going on in their life, they have to follow the same rules that everyone else does."

A third added: "As someone with huge dog allergies, my vacation could be ruined by people who can't follow rules."

Passengers on a recent flight saw what can happen when a pet gets loose on board a plane.

A French bulldog puppy started "roaming the aisles" on a plane, after getting away from its owner.

Pilot announcements over the plane's PA system to find the pet's owner were initially unsuccessful, with the pup's human companion fast asleep.

Meanwhile, the dog was seen making its way up and down the aircraft, pestering other passengers for attention.

Eventually, the owner awoke to discover that their furry friend had wriggled free and gone exploring.

Video footage shared to Twitter by Amanda Dukes, reporter for Orlando TV station WESH TV (@AmandaDukesWESH), showed the pooch being escorted back to its owner by a flight attendant, receiving plenty of scratches and pats along the way.

Amanda wrote: "This is hysterical! "On my @SouthwestAir flight a #frenchbulldog was roaming the aisles."

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