A WOMAN said she was left gagging after a man sitting next to her trimmed his toenails during a flight.

TikTok user Nina, who goes by ninadrama, shared the horrifying moment during a five-hour flight.

In the video, she looks disgusted and then looks at the passenger next to her.

It then zooms in on the man who has his bare feet out, and is trimming his toenails.

The nails he cuts then fall onto the floor of the plane cabin.

It cuts back to here where she then gags at the man's actions.

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The video was captioned "I need to change seats ASAP" and has been liked nearly 20,000 times with some people just as horrified.

One person said: "I definitely would have said something."

A second agreed: "I would call him out for it and ask to have my seat changed! Are you kidding me."

Another person added: "Why would anyone choose to o clip their toenails on a flight? This is the same person who walks barefoot to the toilet."

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However, other people didn't believe her video.

Someone said: "Staged – window is on your right and Sonia the person clipping their nails."

It isn't the only disgusting inflight act caught on camera.

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Savannah Simerley was travelling on board an American Airlines flight when a fellow passenger rested their bare feet on her armrest.

And in 2020, another passenger was left disgusted after spotting the man sitting next to him clipping his fingernails before the flight had taken off.

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