I work at airport security and here is why you shouldn't use locks on your suitcase – they are a waste of money | The Sun

AN AIRPORT security guard has revealed why putting a combination padlock on your suitcases is pretty much a waste of time.

A lot of passengers use the locks to feel safer about the chances of their bags getting raided during their holiday.

However, with just a pen, this security guard was able to break through the zip of a suitcase, showing that the locks don't really add that much protection at all.

In a video on Tiktok, he showed just how flimsy some cases' zips can be, warning people to find bags with extra protection from thieves.

While demonstrating the "pen to zipper technique" the Transport Security Administration (TSA) worker said: "If you're ever traveling, make sure you are aware of how security systems in your bag can be breached,.

"A lot of people I see travel with locks on their suitcases with special combinations, but with just a pen, you are actually able to breach a suitcase's security.

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"The pen to the zipper technique has been around for tons of years, so I wanted show you guys this, so you know to look out for it.

"I'm just going to go all the way around and this once zipped up bag was opened with just a pen."

During the video, the security guard also told people the best kind of cases to travel with to further minimise the risk of them being opened by strangers.

He said: "The best kinds of zippers have covers over them. That's an extra added layer of security for your luggage when you're traveling."

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The video has been seen by almost 3million people in just four days, with other people adding advice of their own.

One person said: "Always clingwrap your bags. Most airports have this as a service, but you can do it at home!"

Another wrote: "Just don't store anything valuable in luggage."

However, other people were concerned about any thieves getting ideas from the video.

One commented: "Was this info supposed to be useful for us or them??"

Other baggage handlers have previously suggested that the locks might actually encourage thieves to break into the case, rather than leave it.

One airport worker explained why on a Reddit forum which asked what secrets airline staff knew that passengers don't.

They wrote: "The lock is literally not even a deterrent.

"Some might take it as a sign that the bag is worth searching."

Experts have also warned travellers never to have their home address on luggage tags.

If thieves steal your entire suitcase – containing your keys as well – they can easily break into your house and car.

Instead, they recommend putting a work address or a mobile number.

However, not locking your suitcase could cause problems for an insurance claim – with electronics thefts not covered by some travel providers if there is no lock on them.

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