LEAVING the rainy UK behind and heading off on a summer holiday is a the best bit of the year for a lot of Brits.

But there are a few behaviour traits shared by many of us that make fellow Brits blush when witnessed abroad.

Hotel booking platform Hoo has revealed the results of a survey listing the nine most embarrassing things Brits do while they're on their hols, according to their fellow British citizens.

1. Excessive drinking

Topping the list as the most embarrassing thing Brits do abroad is drinking excessively.

2. Shouting in English rather than attempting the language

The second most embarrassing thing Brits do is shout in English rather than attempting to speak in the local language.

3. Singing football songs/chants

Brits love football and are rightly proud of their national teams, but that doesn't stop others cringing when you belt out songs like "it's coming home" outside of a major tournament and miles away from home.

Lucky for all those who can't stand to hear the football chants, this year's World Cup is taking place outside of summer holiday season.

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4. Union Jack clothing

It's great that Brits are proud of their heritage and the land they call home, but wearing Union Jack flag-inspired clothing was listed as one of the most embarrassing things you can do on holiday.

Investing in some more subtle holiday clothing could be a bit less embarrassing.

5. Sticking to British food

Rounding out the top five most embarrassing things Brits do abroad is sticking to British food.

British food is great, but one of the best bits of going abroad is indulging in the local cuisine.

Sampling delicacies you can't get anywhere else can broaden your horizons and you might find something delicious.

Besides, chicken and chips will still be here when you get back.

Alsoon the list were showing off sunburnt bodies, wannabe Instagram influencers constantly snapping selfies and playing your music loudly in public.

Nine most embarrassing things Brits do abroad

  1. Excessive drinking
  2. Shouting in English rather than attempting the language
  3. Singing football songs/chants
  4. Union Jack clothing
  5. Sticking to British food
  6. Wannabe Instagram influencers constantly snapping selfies
  7. Playing their own music loudly in public
  8. Wearing swimwear while not at the beach or pool
  9. Sunburnt bodies on show

Co-founder of hoo Adrian Murdock said: “Things are certainly starting to look up for the travel and tourism sector and fingers crossed that 2022 is the year we see the return of foreign holidays.

"As welcome as the Brits most certainly are when we go abroad, perhaps we’re also ready to do away with some of those more embarrassing traits that we’ve become notorious for while visiting foreign lands.”

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