DISNEY theme parks are extremely popular and can get very busy.

But a Disney World expert has revealed which theme parks are the busiest on certain days of the week, so you will know to avoid them.

Travel agent Jill Beignet has shared a video on Tiktok where she revealed thatmost visitors arrive at Disney on Sundays and leave the following weekends, so their first day in the parks is Monday.

That explains why the parks are busier on some days than others, because everyone goes to the most popular ones first.

She said: "It's pretty common knowledge that the time of year you go to Disney will affect crowd levels.

"But did you know that even the day of the week can affect the size of the crowd?

"It makes sense when you realise that the majority of guests arrive at Disney on Sunday and depart on either Saturday or the following Sunday.

"So for a lot of guests, their first day actually in a theme park is Monday.

"And where are most of those folks going to spend their first full day at Disney World? Of course, at Cinderella Castle and the Magic Kingdom.

"In contrast, Epcot is busiest on Fridays and weekends because that's when school groups and Florida locals come out for the festivals (at least before the pandemic).

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"Once again, the best Disney advice is to zig when everyone else zags."

The video has been watched 819,000 times and received hundreds of comments from people grateful for Jill's advice.

One person wrote: "Thank you! I am planning to go in mid-September. I will be following you for all this great info."

Another commented: "Blows my mind that the majority of Magic Kingdom guests are there on Monday.

"Disneyland in California is always busiest on Fridays and weekends."

Jill replied: "It's because of the length of stay. Average Disneyland California trip is three days, average Walt Disney World is seven."

In the comments section, she advised guests to visit Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom at the weekend, Epcot early in the week, and Hollywood Studios mid-week.

She also recommended guests take a rest day if they were planning on visiting for a week.

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