A FLIGHT attendant has revealed how to stop your ears from popping while travelling, which can cause problems for both babies and adults.

Often happening during take off and landing, there are some easy ways to prevent the uncomfortable sensation.

When a plane ascends into the air or descends into its destination, the air pressure in the cabin changes rapidly with the altitude, causing your ears to pop.

Tiktok user Victoria, a flight attendant from San Francisco, shared a video listing four things that can help.

Her first piece of advice was to use snacks as a way to stop them popping.

She told her 76k followers: "Chewing gum or sucking on candy or a cough drop does seem to help [during] taking off or landing."

Victoria said that medicines can help too if you want to help clear your sinuses.

She continued: "I always carry some kind of nose spray or cold or sinus medicine to keep with me.

"If I ever feel like I'm getting stuffy on a flight, I definitely always make sure to take it right before take off and 30 minutes or so before we land."

She also revealed what to do if you want to make your ears pop after landing, as sometimes this can be uncomfortable too.

She said: "If you get to a hotel and your ears still have not popped, here is a trick.

"Steam up your bathroom in the hotel room, just get the shower on the hottest temperature for as long as you can.

"Go into that room and spend about 10 minutes in there as the humidity kind of helps things pop in your ears."

Her final piece of advice was to not be afraid to speak to a doctor if you often have problems with ears popping, as there are medical procedures such as "semi-permanent tubes in your ears" which last a few years.

An airline nanny has also shared the best ways to stop your child's ears from hurting on a plane.

One way is to use breastfeeding to help ease ear pain in babies.

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