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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the real reason cabin crewlove it when customers purchase food and drink onboard flights.

Kristina Galvydyte has been a flight attendant for a leading UK airline for the last six years and has picked up plenty of industry insights along the way.

In an interview in the Telegraph, she revealed why members of cabin crew are excitable when passengers order things like grub on flights.

Kristina explained that some flight attendants receive a bonus from all the meals and drinks purchased onboard.

She said: "Staff receive between 1 per cent and 5 per cent of the total sales from a flight, depending on how much is sold."

"This means we can take away anything from £300 to £1,000 a month in commission alone."

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Kristina explained that it can mean flight attendants ignore the normal two-drink rule – but only if a passenger is sober.

Anyone who is deemed to be drunk and disorderly can be refused service on a flight, as well as banned from airlines and given fines up to £80,000, or a two-year jail sentence.

It's also prohibited to drink any of your own alcohol – including any Duty Free bottles – that you've brought onto the flight.

If you want to stick to soft drinks, forget the Diet Coke however, as it is the drink that crew hate serving the most.

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As well as the bonus perks, Kristina divulged her annual salary, which sits at around £35,000 – thanks to the commission.

She said: "At my airline, as a mid-level flight attendant, I take home around £35,000 a year because we earn good commission from on-board sales."

According to Kristina, not all airlines have competitive salaries.

She added that while they have to work on bank holidays, they still get 40 days off a year, and still get to sleep in their own beds if working mainly short-haul flights.

Meanwhile, Emirates is hiring crew from the UK – and it comes with some amazing perks including crew being based in Dubai.

Other highlights include a tax-free salary, free accommodation and free airport transfers as well as concessional tickets on Emirates and other airlines.

Free medical cover and discounts on shopping and activities in Dubai are also included – and there are some perks for family and friends too

You don't have to work for the airline to receive great perks though.

The daughter of a pilot has revealed what it's like to live the high life including flying around the world for free.

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