A FLIGHT attendant has revealed a "life saving" item she always packs when travelling – and it's very weird.

Cici, who appears to fly with Delta, often shares her tips on her TikTok account Cici In The Sky.

In her recent video, she explained why there was one item she also took with her – called an Eustachi.

She told her followers: "This is a product that everyone should have in their bag with them at all times whether they need it, or their kids need it. It is a life saver.

"Are your kids screaming on the plane because their ears are not popping?

"It's very simple to use, if your ears are not popping for any reason like you have some sinus problems."

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She said you hold it to your nose and swallow at the same time. to "completely clear your ears".

Cici added that it has "saved her as a flight attendant" and said even pilots often use it too.

Other people in her comments were keen to try it themselves.

One person wrote: "Omg where has this been? I have suffered for years! THANK YOU FOR SHARING."

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Another agreed: "Was literally sobbing last flight because of this and swore I’d just never be able to fly again."

And a third said: "95% of the time I'm in tears landing and can't hear till the next day. So much pain."

One woman has tried it for herself and sung its praises too.

She said: "Have it, love it!!! Super sensitive ears so I use this in combination with a decongestant and aeroplane earplug things and it has helped SO much."

They can be bought in the UK on Amazon or eBay, with some pharmacies also stocking them.

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