A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the five kinds of passengers they hate the most, as they revealed how the job made them "hate people".

Rude and inconsiderate behaviour were reasons why the flight attendant now wanted to change careers.

They revealed on Reddit the issues they consistently came across – and the type of passengers they could no longer stand.

The unnamed attendant said they worked for a top 20 international carrier which involved meeting about 300-400 passengers a day for three or four times per week.

And one of the things they hated from passengers was them demanding alcohol.

They wrote: "People flying in economy class getting mad because I can’t give them a 'triple shot' of rum because we’re in the air and we have limited supplies, and then getting mad and cursing at me."


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Another habit that infuriated the flight attendant was the selfish behaviour of passengers sitting near the emergency door.

They said they were annoyed by "people extending their legs and putting their feet on the door’s emergency handle during the flight" because they said there wasn't enough legroom.

A third issue that bugged the flight attendant was "passengers fighting each other for the dumbest reasons or stealing things in the washrooms."

They also took aim at those who ignored the seatbelt sign.

They said: "Someone got up in the aisle during turbulence, and I saw him falling on a passenger who was seated. That passenger was a pregnant lady and she had to go to the hospital upon landing."

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Finally, the attendant also took issue with those who did not respect their private space.

They said: "People who will come to the galley and not respect my private space. Basically doing yoga or hanging out there like this is some private jet."

The flight attendant also listed other issues they have had, including one passenger who "grabbed my ass" during boarding and married pilots "who would harass me to have sex."

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They also referenced an extraordinary story where a passenger complained about his food being delayed, despite flight attendants being visibly busy with a passenger who had fainted.

Here are some of the other awful passengers, according to flight crew.

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