TRAVELLING can often make people feel unwell – from motion sickness to germs picked up in an airport or hotel.

But a flight attendant has revealed there is one item she always travels with to save money, which could even help you avoid getting sick.

Flight attendant and Buzzfeed user michellee48b2133e7 said she always uses a collapsible travel kettle – available on Amazon – whenever she travels.

This means she can avoid using the kettles that come in hotel rooms.

She said: "For saving some [money saving] on coffee while on the road, I’ve bought a collapsible travel kettle from Amazon and a travel French press mug and made fresh coffee in my room.

"The kettle comes in multiple uses to make tea, oatmeal, and ramen as a backup food option."

It isn't just a clever way to travel – it could also stop you getting sick, with travellers often using the kettle for rather disgusting reasons.

Sun Online Travel previously revealed that kettles are one of the most disgusting parts of a hotel room.

This is because some guests like to use them to clean their underwear, while others have even reportedly urinated inside them.

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A woman was slammed after she posted a picture of a hotel kettle with a pair of her stained knickers inside.

But it's not only disgusting to use a kettle to wash underwear – it can also be dangerous.

Scientists have warned that people cleaning their pants in kettles could be deadly to the next person to use it.

Molecular biosciences lecturer Dr Heather Hendrickson explained that some bacteria can't be killed by boiling water like Clostidium botulinum spores.

She said: "These don't cause sickness if they are consumed, but their presence in certain environments can encourage them to produce a toxin that can be deadly."

It isn't just kettles that flight attendants carry when they travel.

Flight attendants swear by a £1 item when they are going on holiday.

Cabin crew have revealed secrets you really want to know – like who they'd save first in an emergency.

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