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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed five holy grail tips for avoiding jet lag on holiday.

Cici In The Sky posted a video to her 163,000 Instagram followers sharing the cabin crew member's tried and tested ways to combat fatigue after stepping off the runway.

The flight crew member said: "First, 24 hours before your flight change your time to the destination that you are going to."

Go to Date and Time on your phone in Settings and adjust it to the new time zone.

Depending on flight time, passengers may wish to do this 36 hours before.

"Next, get as much sunlight during the day, exercise no later than five hours before bedtime and eat four hours before bedtime", Cici continued.

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If direct sunlight is not possible, the helpful flight attendant suggested a ring light or artificial source instead.

"The sunlight and hydration are by far the game changers for me, sometimes I'm in six different time zones in a week" she explained.

Cici recommended limiting the amount of direct sunlight from three hours before bedtime.

"When you get to your destination get as much sunlight as possible during the day and do not take a nap unless you take a Navy Seal nap", she added.

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In the comment section Cici explained what she meant by a Navy Seal nap and said: "It's an eight minute nap with your feet elevated! It's amazing."

The content creator also advised staying hydrated.

People were quick to share their thoughts in the comments and add to the list of tips.

One person wrote: "I've been doing this for long haul for years, I call it 'going upside down' a few days before departure."

"Great advice, it works!" posted another grateful user.

Others agreed and said: "So useful!", "Thanks so much for the information!" and "Girl this is so good."

The female stewardess also shared her smart travel safety strategies before staying in a hotel.

Her safety-minded behavior starts during check-in. At the front desk, she's very careful not to give information to people who could harm her.

Once she reaches the room, CiCi looks at the hotel map on the door to see the nearest fire exit, then props the door open to complete a safety check.

She checks the closet, the shower, and behind the window curtains, to make sure no one is there.

If there's space under the bed or if you're staying in a suite, you can check those additional hiding spots, too.

For the rest of her safety advice, click here.

This comes as many flight crew members share their top tips for travel on social media.

One has revealed the five things you should never do on board an aeroplane.

Tommy Cimato, a flight attendant from Arizona in America, claimed his most important piece of advice, shared on TikTok, was to never lean on windows.

Tommy also advises not touching the button or level to flush the toilet.

Another member of cabin crew has share her thoughts on what passengers should avoid wearing when they travel.

Andrea Fischbach says you don't want to be restricted when you're stuck in the same place for hours so you should steer clear of tight clothing.

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