A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the best way to get a free upgrade to first class when travelling.

TikToker Cierra Mistt often shares videos about her job, giving her followers insight into the life of a flight attendant.

In one of her clips, she answers the most frequently asked questions she gets asked- and one of them is how to get a free upgrade to first class.

The Tiktoker has revealed that there are actually "a lot of ways" to get moved to the pricey front seats.

She said: "One of the easiest ways to get free upgrades is literally just being nice to your gate agent and fight attendant.

"The miracles we can work when we're given some Starbucks or a bag of chocolates, especially those long days where we have back-to-back flights and don't even have time to go get some food."


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The Tiktoker explained that sometimes they have to move passengers to the pricy seats at the front- and not because they are being "nice".

Cierra said: "Normally if our flight isn't full, we have to move people for weight and balance purposes.

"That being said, normally all aircrafts are tail-heavy, so if we have to move people up to the front, where do you think we're going to take them from? The back."

Tiktokers were quick to thank her for the valuable tips with one of them saying: "being kind to get first class? easy"

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Another one said: "this is amazing! thank you for the advice and ill start bringing candy for the crew !"

Someone added: "I give the cabin crew chocolates whenever i travel alone. I dont even want an upgrade i just appreciate the work they do".

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