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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed why cabin crew sneakily love turbulence – and it's for a selfish reason.

Barbie, 29, from Argentina, works as a flight attendant for La Azafata and regularly shares her top tips and secrets on her TikTok account.

Currently based in Italy, she recently explained why crew enjoy turbulence, despite most passengers hating it.

She said: "Flight attendants love turbulence, because we can rest a little bit as we should stay seated and we cannot get up to provide the food service for example.

"We’re used to the turbulence so we are not frightened about it."

If you hate turbulence yourself, you should book the first flight of the day and sit in the middle of the flight, according to experts.

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This is because it is less likely on earlier flights, and you feel it less near the wings of the plane.

Avoid flights over the coast of Ireland too, according to an ex-flight attendant, as it will normally always have turbulence.

Don't worry too much, however – turbulence is common and is usually harmless as long as you are strapped into your seat.

Barbie previously revealed other secrets about the skies, including the things they are not allowed to do.

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Flight attendant reveals the worst plane seats to book in case of turbulence

She told NeedToKnow Online:"[We're not allowed] to receive tips, speak out loud between us, chew gum and run on the plane, as passengers will think that something is wrong.

"We're also forbidden to watch movies or listen to music."

There are also words they are banned from using so they don't scare other travellers.

She added: "On the plane, saying words such as: 'emergency', 'fire' or 'bomb' is forbidden, because many passengers may panic.

"That's why we use special codes and it's mandatory to know them.

Crew also have secret phrases they use when they fancy passengers – and it's good news if you are called Bob.

Here are some other secret words that the crew don't want you to know about.

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