BAGGAGE allowances limit the amount of things passengers can take onboard a plane, so it's important to know the right essentials.

Experienced travellers like flight attendants know how to get the most out of their luggage, but they also know which essentials should be prioritised.

One member of cabin crew has explained which items she sees as the most important for a flight.

The flight attendant shared her list via TikTok in a video that has since been viewed over 4,000 times.

One of the items is a moisturisers.

In the video the flight attendant showed a collection of moisturisers in all shapes and sizes.

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Another lotion the member of cabin crew considers to be essential is an SPF.

She said: "You're closer to the sun on an airplane, so lather up on the SPF."

The third item packed into her airport carry on are electrolyte tablets.

She said: "Electrolyte tables have added vitamins and make drinking water easier."

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The flight attendant also brings on board a personalised first aid kit that includes plasters, bandages and other medicines.

In order to remain confident during her shift she also packs a toothbrush, toothpaste, mints and a comb.

Because the flight attendant showed liquids of varying sizes, someone had a question in the comments.

The person wrote: "Is there a size restriction on liquids for cabin crew?"

Helpfully, the expert replied: "Depends on the destination. For the most part, there’s no liquid restriction."

Meanwhile another flight attendant Rosalie Edith also explained the three items she considers most important for a flight.

These included passport cases, which help to protect passports from being damaged.

She also brings a spare set of clothes on board her flights as well as good quality clear plastic bags.

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