A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the cost-free way she makes her hotel room safer when travelling for work.

Visiting different countries can be scary for some people but there are ways for them to feel less worried about their trips.

One cabin crew member has shared the way she makes sure no one gets into her hotel room in a video on Tiktok.

Flight attendant cici_inthesky showed how she uses coat hangers to create a makeshift lock.

Cici explains that it can stop people "using a wire to pull down the handle", or using a tool to open up another security device found at the top of the door.

The video has been seen by more than a million people, a lot of whom appreciated the advice.

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One hotel worker even commended the tactic, describing it as "wise".

They wrote: "I work in a luxury hotel; it has very few incidents, but there are ways to open.

"This easy tactic is wise, not paranoid."

Others asked why it was necessary, to which Cici replied: "I spend lots of time in hotels. Things have happened."

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Cici is not the only cabin crew member to have offered safety tips for people staying in hotels recently.

In a video posted to Tiktok, user lifestyledbyerie shows what she does to make sure she's safe every time she checks into a hotel room.

First, Erie is seen propping the door open with her suitcase, so that she can get out quickly if she needs to.

She then checks cupboards and under the bed to make sure no one is waiting for her in her room.

The flight attendant then retrieves her luggage and locks the door using a special lock.

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