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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the best seat to book on a plane if you're scared of flying over water.

Kristina Galvydytehas been a cabin crew member for six years for a leading UK airline.

In an article in the Telegraph, Kristina revealed which seat passengers should book when flying over oceans.

She said: "If you’re flying over the sea for long periods of time, sit by the wings as that is the primary exit if you have to land on water."

Kristina isn't the only flight attendant who has said that the best seat to book on a plane is over the wings.

Ex-cabin crew member Beth Windsor has revealed that the emergency exit is the best place to sit on a plane.

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In an article for Insider she said: "These seats usually come with an extra fee, so you're less likely to have people sitting next to you here."

These seats often have more legroom too but they can be a little colder because they're next to the door.

For those passengers who are scared of flying, Kristina had some more advice.

The flight attendant added: "If you’re scared of flying, sit near the front – the back of the plane gets the worst turbulence."

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Plane seats at the front experience less turbulence than seats towards the back.

This is due to the way the air ripples through the aircraft from the front down towards the tail, so if you're towards the back, you'll feel it more.

Another perk to sitting at the front of the plane is the increased chance of getting a decent meal.

Beth said: "The crew usually starts serving food and beverages there before working their way to the back, which makes you more likely to get your preferred meal choice in the front."

Meanwhile another flight attendant thinks the aisle seat at the front of the plane is the best one to book.

This flight attendant picked the best seats to sit in for a journey in economy class.

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