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A FLIGHT expert has revealed why "windowless" seats exist on planes – and how to avoid missing out on a bird's eye view.

Contrary to popular belief, not all passengers are granted the luxury of peering out onto the world below.

Instead of keeping tabs on the skies through the window, some unlucky travellers are instead lumped with the cabin wall.

It makes for a pretty boring flight, although it may be easier to rest your head on if you're crammed in the corner.

But the majority of holidaymakers will want to swerve the "worst seat" on the aircraft.

Some Twitter users said it looks claustrophobic, while others complained passengers are missing out on natural light.


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However, fear not – as travel site The Points Guy UK claim to have the secret to swerving the hot seat.

Senior director Nicky Kelvin also revealed why the bizarre layout is a common feature on planes.

He told the Daily Mail: "They’re often due to the manufacturer using that space to feed through certain avionics (aviation electronics) or essential components such as air-conditioning ducts.

"Frequently emergency exit window seats don’t include a window view as design dictates window placement on the emergency exit door, which often results in an obscured view."

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It can also be because aircraft are not always created for just one airline, meaning the interior cabin seats don't line up with the windows.

So, how can you avoid getting a seat without a window?

Travellers can check out Seat Guru to ensure they have a comfortable resting spot for their flight.

Holidaymakers simply input their flight number and airline, before you can take a look at the seat layout for the plane taking them to their destination.

The undesirable seats, which likely have a downside, are shown in red and accompanied by an explanation of its pitfall.

It also details whether it has a window or not – allowing flyers to easily dodge the spurned seat.

Ryanair passengers previously urged people not to book seats 11A, 11F or 12F when flying with the company.

The position is notorious for not having a window to gaze out of, leading to a bunch of unhappy travellers.

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