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A FREQUENT flyer has revealed the one item they're always likely to pinch from a hotel room, no matter where they are in the world.

There are just some creature comforts that Brits crave no matter where they're on holiday – including a hearty brew.

One travel expert has taken her cuppas to the extreme and revealed that she always a good stash of tea bags on her whenever she travels.

Escape Print Editor Susan Bugg has said that she normally has a handful of teabags with her because hotels can't always guarantee the quality, or even the quantity, of the tea provided.

She told Escape: "I have stayed at one quality hotel that seemed to think an allocation of one English Breakfast tea bag per day was sufficient."

Despite keeping a stash of her own tea bags in her belongings, the light-fingered travel professional can't help but pinch one or two before she checks out of her hotel.

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She said: "On the other side of the ledger, many hotels are upping their tea game, so much so that I sneak some of the designer teas now on offer into my suitcase.

"Now if only they would make hotel room cups bigger than a thimble."

A study in 2019 found that Brits take more than £3million worth of tea bags from hotels every year.

Meanwhile Tiktok user Dutch, aka @dutchdeccc, filmed himself collecting items and putting them in his suitcase to take home with him.

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He started off by picking up three packets of coffee – even though he's not a coffee drinker.

Dutch then collected some toiletries, which he stashes in his bag every single day so that hotel cleaners bring him new ones.

He said: "You know I'm taking all the bath amenities, and you know I have a bag full in my suitcase of all the amenities they've restocked everyday."

Experts have revealed which items you can take from hotel rooms guilt-free – and what you're definitely not allowed to remove.

Hotel managers have revealed some of the unbelievable things that guests have stolen – with some items costing as little as 10p.

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