HAVING someone on holiday whose job was to grant your every wish would take a lot of stress out of going away.

For the super rich, butlers perform a very similar task, with their roles ranging from chef to security guard and everything in between.

However, some guests can take things a bit too far with their requests, leaving butlers with either a lot of work on their hands, or with no choice but to refuse.

Speaking to Conde Nast Traveler, hotel butlers explained some of the strangest things they have been asked by those staying with them.

One of them, Mohamed Fadil, from Morocco's Royal Mansour explained that he has to be prepared for anything that might be asked of him.

He said: “Before the arrival of the guest, I prepare myself for all types of requests I might receive.

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“It could be packing suitcases, arranging a romantic dinner, or even a marriage proposal.”

Fadil draws the line at doing “anything illegal” for his guests, and advises that if it feels like you're asking for a bit too much, then you probably are and it's unlikely to be achievable.

Another butler from an exclusive resort in the Maldives asked their butler to remove a stingray from the water.

This was denied, as it would "interfere with the animal’s natural behaviour."

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There are a few other things that butlers aren't likely to do either, including hanging out with guests in a social setting.

Some guests get very attached to the member of staff helping them during their holidays and will often invite them to join them on excursions.

Few would accept such an invitation, unless they can be of clear service to the guests during the day out.

Butlers aren't the only ones who get strange things asked of them from rich holidaymakers.

Some luxury travel consultants have also revealed the strange things asked of them by their customers.

One client was concerned about his daughter being scared about leaving her pet hamster behind.

To solve the problem, not only was the hamster flown out, but a "handler" for the animal was as well.

Jim Strong, President of Strong Travel explained: "I made arrangements with an airline to secure two seats: one for the hamster, and one for a handler for the pet.

"They flew from New York to LA, and the handler delivered the hamster right into the hands of the child."

Meanwhile, travel agent Lynn Garfi told Travel + Leisure how one client wanted a sea-view room in Orlando – despite it being 40 miles from the coast.

When they told the client it wasn't possible, they simply replied it should be because Florida was a "skinny state" – with Lynn eventually compromising on it.

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