A HOTEL expert has revealed why you should always wear the free slippers provided in the room – and it's pretty gross.

Hotel expert Jacob Tomsky explained that you should never walk barefoot in your room, no matter how clean the floor looks.

Jacob, who worked in the hotel business for ten years, told Sun Online Travel: "The dirtiest part of a hotel room is the carpets.

“Yes, they are vacuumed but they will almost never get a shampoo and a deep clean as there are constantly people staying in the rooms."

He added: “Carpets need properly cleaning more than they ever are.

“There’s a high chance of there fragments of smashed glass from where people have broken glasses too.”

Don't worry about leaving the slippers behind either – you can take them home with you, as they can't be reused.

They are also particularly useful on the flight home, so you don’t end up walking around the plane cabin in your socks.



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Jacob gave some of his other top tips, which also include never using decorative pillows on the bed.

He said: “These are never cleaned and are mostly chucked on the floor by guests – they are dirty.”

Sun Online Travel previously revealed the gross reason why you should lay down a towel over chairs in hotels – because people often sit on them naked.

A hotel cleaner recently revealed the five items they never clean in the rooms.

Elliana Madrid shared a video on Tiktok of her at work for her job as a cleaner in a hotel room – with the five items being the coffee machine, mattress topper, comforter, throw and pillows.

Here is how to tell if your hotel room has been cleaned properly.

One thing you should never do? Make the bed when you check out, according to hotel cleaners.

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