AN EXPERT in saving money has revealed why you should never book your flights first when sorting out your holiday.

When planning a trip abroad, people often look at plane tickets first, then sort their hotels out afterwards.

However, budgeting expert Andrea Knowles from, has explained that this can make your trip much more expensive.

She said: "Always book your accommodation before your flight for the biggest saving.

"When booking a holiday, many people start the process by looking for the cheapest flights, however, this is rarely the best practice.

"As your accommodation is likely to be your most expensive cost, it should, therefore, be your priority when booking as you can generate the biggest savings."

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She also warned to check how far your hotel is from the airport, to avoid any extra costs.

Andrea said: "When searching for your dream accommodation, just make sure that you’re looking in areas that are accessible via an airport that you’re willing to travel to."

Families will be looking for ways to save money on their holidays this year as the cost of living hits.

There is also a way to save money when booking hotels too – and it all depends when you book.

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Travel expert Jane Knight previously told Sun Online Travel: "My top tip for getting a great hotel deal is to book a Sunday night stay. 

"During off-peak months in particular, these can be up to half the price of a Saturday night, often with extras such as a free meal or a spa treatment thrown in."

The best time of the year to score huge discounts is between January and March, as well as November to mid-December, according to Jane.

If you’re looking to book a weekend break rather than just a one-night stay, a business hotel is usually a good bet.

These are rarely busy at the weekend so there are better deals to be found.

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Jacob Wedderburn-Day, CEO of travel company Stasher backed this up, saying: "If you’re planning a weekend city break, a great tip is to look for hotels in the business district which will have less demand on Friday and Saturday nights from people travelling for work.   

Here is how you can save thousands of pounds on your next holiday.

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