I'm a pilot and here's what I do before every flight to prepare for a worst-case scenario

BEING involved in an air disaster is most passengers' worst nightmare.

So it's comforting to know that pilots have a plan in place to avoid the worst from happening.

Pilot Harrison Murray shared a video on Tiktok explaining what he does before every flight to prepare for a worst-case scenario.

He responded to the question: "So as a pilot you are always looking out for the safest places along the route for a worst-case scenario?"

He said: "Yes, absolutely. So we get out documents sent to us around three hours prior to departure."

"I'll have a look at the routing, select some airports along the route that are suitable, we'll check the weather and the 'notmas' – notice to airman.

"That'll tell us things like runway closures, certain equipment not working, that sort of thing.

"We'll make a mental plan. In the cruise we are constantly checking the weather every 30 to 60 minutes and updating the plan."

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The video has been watched 73,000 times and viewers are grateful to know what would happen if something went wrong.

However, another Tiktok user revealed that if something bad did happen during a flight – travellers may not even realise.

She explained that pilots are unlikely to tell passengers if they are about to be involved in a plane crash.

She said: "If you are in a crashing plane, you won't be informed.

"Unless the pilot performs a controlled crash landing, they will likely not have the time to inform you that you're about to die… and that's probably for the best."

Harrison has also explained how long people can survive if a window smashes during a flight.

This is the safest seat to sit in during a plane crash and there is even a safety reason why you should never wear a pair of leggings on a flight.

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