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A PILOT has revealed how you would be able to land a plane in an emergency – and normal passengers may face problems.

Pilot Patrick Smith said there was no chance of a normal passenger landing a commercial plane.

However, there was some hope if travelling on smaller planes, he explained.

He told CNN Travel: "The odds are still very much against you, but the results would vary person to person and airplane to airplane.

"Where, exactly, is the plane from the runway in terms of altitude, distance and speed?

"And how accurate are this person's seat-of-the-pants interpretations of what the plane is doing? Much of it, too, would come down to luck."

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He also said passengers who are aviation enthusiasts or use flight simulation programmes could "perhaps save the day" but would be difficult due to the differences in cockpits.

FAA flight instructor and former pilot Douglass Moss also revealed how inexperienced passengers can give themselves a good chance.

This includes having a flight instructor on-call, as well as a "natural talent" for using complicated mechanics.

However, landing a plane in an emergency situation is hard even for pilots, so passengers would have a much lower chance of survival.

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One of the most famous plane landings is the Miracle on the Hudson, when every passenger survived after the plane lost both engines in a bird stroke.

This was because of the pilot's incredible flight skills which meant he landed on the Hudson river following the emergency.

An expert has revealed how to survive a plane crash.

This includes checking where the emergency exits are as well as removing anything from your pockets and wearing sensible shoes.

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Sun Online Travel previously reported the advice of Dave Inch, a captain of a Boeing 787, for what to do if a plane is going down.

And a man who survived a plane crash that killed 98 people has revealed the last-minute decision that saved his life.

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