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A TRAVEL EXPERT has revealed which suitcase brands most pilots and cabin crew use – and why it's the best.

The American traveller took to TikTok after noticing that many airline staff carry the same brand of hand-luggage through airports.

They said: "Have you ever noticed that every pilot and flight staff uses the exact same carry-on?

"Ok, maybe not every pilot – but enough that you can't stop noticing it once you start paying attention.

"It turns out that's no accident. After all, flight crew are constantly travelling, so whatever they use has to be reliable.

"So I found out what they used the only way I know how – I asked.

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"But they all said a brand you've probably never heard of."

Four pilots the expert stopped at one airport all said that their bags came from LuggageWorks.

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The brand's warranty-covered suitcases and bags come with locking mechanisms, inside dividers, a durable metal frame and roller-skate wheels, and clips and J-hooks to attach other bags.

Quality comes at a price, with a 26" suitcase costing £370 plus shipping from LuggageWorks' HQ in small-town Missouri.

The expert said: "Other luggage bags usually require an airline referral code or employee ID for you to buy the flight-crew grade bags.

"LuggageWorks is unique in that they make industry-standard luggage, but anyone can buy it. That's what I did last April."

After trying out a LuggageWorks case, the expert said that ordinary passengers should think twice before splashing out on one.

They said: "After travelling with it for over a year now, I think this is one that is better left to the pros for two reasons.

"Don't get me wrong, this thing is awesome. I can see why it's standard issue for all pilots.

"It's got a stainless steel retractable handle, a durable ballistic nylon shell, top quality wheels, a handy J-hook, a sturdy metal frame, plenty of pockets to carry everything you need, and it's designed to fit in all aircraft.

"But the first issue is that its durability makes it a tank – and it weighs it too.

"The average traveller is probably better off with consumer-level options.

"The other reason you should think twice before getting it is that you will be mistaken for a pilot."

It comes after another travel expert revealed her genius hack which she says airlines don't want you to know about.

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