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A PILOT has revealed what they find most irritating about the passengers on board their planes.

Former flight attendant Suwapich Wongwiriyawanich is Air Asia x Thailand's first female pilot and is better known as Captain Windy.

She has urged all passengers to stay seated with their belts fastened at all times, even when the seatbelt sign isn't turned on.

She told Today that people should do this because of the unpredictable nature of flying.

She said: "I really wish that passengers would keep their seatbelt fastened throughout the flight.

"Sometimes they think it’s alright to unfasten their seatbelt to relax, but having the seatbelt fastened at all times can prevent injuries that could happen in unforeseen circumstances."

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Many passengers often undo their seatbelts on flights to get more comfortable, so it can be annoying when the light is on.

However, Captain Windy's fellow pilot Captain Christian Baker, who works for Emirates, explained why you should still buckle up even if it seems to be smooth sailing.

He told Sun Online Travel: "Quite often passengers also wonder why the seat belt sign is switched on despite travelling in smooth air.

"And the reason is we often receive information from other aircraft on the same route reporting turbulent weather ahead, and we have advanced weather radar that indicates any potential turbulence.

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"So in the interest of passenger safety, the seatbelt sign is switched on in anticipation."

Flight attendants have revealed that sometimes they'll use the seatbelt signs to force rowdy or drunk passengers to sit back down.

Sun Online's resident flight attendant blogger recently revealed to us: "When these situations arise, and things start becoming a problem, that's when we would have to start saying that this is not going to happen anymore.

"We'll get the captain to put the seatbelt sign on because that is an official airline rule that you have to abide by as passengers.

"You accept the terms and conditions when you book your place on the plane. If you didn't adhere to that then obviously further punishments could also be introduced.

"It could be anything from a quiet word at the end of the flight from the captain to a ban from the airline, which might leave you stranded at your destination. But it's definitely not worth the risk."

Meanwhile, this flight attendant was thrown against the roof of a plane as turbulence shook their plane.

And this video revealed what it is like for pilots trying to land planes in difficult circumstances.

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