A PILOT'S wife has revealed her top tricks for staying organised when travelling – and they won't cost you a thing.

Jen Lefforge provides travel tips on her Youtube channel Joyful Living with Jen Lefforge, which has more than 26,000 subscribers.

She explained that she has travelled her whole life, and often flies at least every three weeks.

Jen said she always travels with hand luggage only, even if going "to the beach or Europe" or on a "three-day or seven-day" trip.

Instead she says if she went longer, she would just wash her clothes while away.

She told her followers: "I use public transportation to get to the airport and I really find a large checked bag difficult to handle.

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"Sometimes elevators aren't working so I have to use the steps."

"I often travel solo so don't have anyone to help me. My number one tip – field test your luggage situation."

Another thing she avoids is bags with "tons of little pockets" which isn't a good idea, as it makes her "less organised" because there are too many pouches to put things in."

Her second big tip was to "pre-plan" and she said the best time to start packing before a trip was weeks before, while her third was to "not take so much stuff".

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She said unless you were somewhere remote, you will be able to buy anything in an emergency.

Most hotels also offer things like shampoo and conditioner, as well as toothbrushes and toothpaste.

She continued: "Call ahead [or check the website] of your hotel. It's amazing what the hotel will already have."

Other tips included choosing a "colour family" so all your clothes go together and to "stay organised" at the hotel.

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She also revealed some of the items she never packs when travelling.

Neck pillows, toiletries and cameras are all things she says she never takes with her.

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