A PLUS size traveller has gone viral on TikTok for slamming National Express after she was left bruised by their "cramped" seats.

Kirsty Leanne, 29, from Shropshire, recently shared a video of her experience on the coach service which she described as “very uncomfortable” – despite booking a seat with extra leg room.

The incident has since left social media users divided.

Kirsty previously made headlines after sharing her experience flying on Ryan Air, where she complained about the seat sizes.

However, she said the seats on the coach were even smaller than those on the budget airline.

The plus size blogger was travelling on 21 April from Birmingham International Airport to Stansted Airport, where she was catching a flight to Hamburg.

She filmed her experience after reserving a seat with extra legroom for £2.50 in anticipation of cramped conditions.

In the TikTok video, she said: “Seats are even smaller than airline seats.

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“My arm felt very cramped against the window.”

Showing a metal object at the side of her seat, Kirsty said: “This kept digging into my leg and left a bruise.

“Seatbelt was crossbody and so tight and uncomfortable. I couldn’t find any info about extenders on their website.”

However, paying more for extra space worked well as she agreed there was “lots of legroom” during the journey.

Kirsty shared the clip on TikTok (@kirstyleannetravels) with her 50,700 followers, where the post garnered 44,400 views – as well as some controversy.

One user commented: “It’s your choice and not a fault of a company.”

“Who’s fault is that,” added another viewer.

Someone else agreed: “I’m large and from personal experience, I don’t blame airlines, coach and train companies for having regular sized seating etc.”

“You’ve got no one to blame but yourself,” insisted one viewer.

However, other people agreed with Kirsty.

One person said: “I did the Megabus MCR>Reading for Easter, v uncomfortable 5 hours!”

“I often do the bus, either NE or MB Leeds to London. Like you say, it's not comfortable but plus size people deserve to travel too,” agreed another user.

Someone else added: “Lol I am a size 18/20 (UK) and couldn’t get the belt done up.” [sic]

“This is one reason I’m often travel by train when I can afford it, it’s pricey though,” another person added.

Speaking to NeedToKnow, Kirsty – who hares travel tips on her blog, Plus Size Travel Too – said: “I paid to reserve a seat I knew had space – at the front where there's no seat in front – this meant that I had a little more legroom than if I had been a couple of rows back.

"However, I was still cramped when it came to the window, as there's a ledge where the window sticks out and digs into your shoulder.

“National Express is a great way to get from A to B and I think if you're prepared with this information beforehand, you can definitely do things to make yourself feel a little more comfortable.

“One of the main things that puts plus size people off travelling is not knowing what to expect when they travel, so I like to prepare them for this by showing them what certain experiences are like.”

The Sun Online has contacted National Express for comment.

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