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A SLEEP expert has revealed how holidaymakers can avoid becoming jet lagged on their next long haul flight.

While sleeping during a busy flight can be the best way to pass the time, napping over time zones can wreak havoc on sleeping patterns.

But sleep expert Max Stevens at the Sleep Checklist knows a thing or two about keeping sleep in check – even on planes.

Turn off mobile devices

While in-flight entertainment is one of the easiest ways to pass the time on a long journey, mobile devices and tablets don't soothe people to sleep

Digital screens give off blue light, which suppresses melatonin, making it harder to nod off.

But the sleep expert had some advice, he said: "To get around the problem of blue light on your phone or other devices you can purchase blue light filtering glasses online that block out some of the blue light helping you to nod off quicker."

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Wear the right clothing

The temperature on a flight can vary from one moment to the next, so wear the right clothes to help you sleep.

For most people, a temperature between 18 to 20 degrees is the sweet spot for getting a good night's kip.

Max said: "On a plane, we never know how hot or cold it is going to be, so being prepared and wearing a few yet thinner layers of clothing is going to help us get around this problem." 

Use pink noise

Sounds such as waves or strong winds are classified as pink noise, and listening to these noises is a commonly-used sleeping technique.

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The sleep expert said: "While the studies on pink noise are small they do show promising results."

"If you have listened to white noise on a plane and it didn't work for you, try pink noise as it could help you to settle quicker and sleep for more of your flight."

Avoid drinking alcohol

If you want a solid night of sleep on your next flight, make sure to avoid a glass of fizz in the departures lounge.

Max said: "Drinking alcohol will decrease your sleep quality as you spend less time in the Rapid Eye Movement stage of sleep.  

"This means that even when you wake you will feel tired and sluggish."

Another way to improve sleep when you're flying is by using an eye mask on your next flight.

The masks aren't the only things travel experts rely on to help them sleep on planes, with some flight attendants swearing by this affordable item for a good snooze.

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