I’m a travel expert – suitcase hack stops thieves stealing your stuff…it’s scary how easy they can get into your luggage | The Sun

A TRAVEL expert has shared tips on how you can stop thieves from getting into your luggage.

TikTok user millennialwealthsarah demonstrated how it is possible to break into a suitcase using just a pen – and what you can do to prevent it.

Nothing could be worse than arriving at your holiday destination expecting to relax in the sunshine and realizing that someone has broken into your suitcase and stolen your stuff.

But following these simple rules when choosing your holiday luggage, could help to put your mind at rest.

The travel expert has shared a video of some simple holiday hacks that you can try, to help make sure that you never fall victim to thieves when travelling.

In the short video, she demonstrates how easy it is to get into a locked suitcase using just a pen forced in between the zipper.

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The suitcase zip easily comes apart allowing thieves easy access to all of your belongings.

The TikToker then demonstrates how the zip can be closed again, by pulling the locked zip back over the open area of the suitcase, ensuring that you are left non-the wiser that someone has been interfering with your bag.

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Sarah recommends choosing suitcases that have an "invisible" zip – or even no zip at all and makes some recommendations.

She said: "I think these suitcases from Monos are really really good and they are definitely more affordable than the likes of Away, Tumi, Rimowa."

She goes on to say that you do not need to buy a really expensive suitcase just have one that has "no zippers, or invisible zippers"

Also important is the material that the suitcase is made out of, she said: "Always go for materials like this that are really hard, rather than fabric because these are waterproof and that means your clothes aren't going to get damaged."

And the travel expert also recommends going for darker colours such as grey and black, because it is "harder to see the stains".

Sarah adds: "I would also go for suitcase brands that give me a lifetime warranty or at least five years."

And adds that she would "always go for a suitcase that is on wheels as it is much easier to move."

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