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A TRAVEL expert has revealed the types of room that she always avoids when staying in a hotel.

Samantha Brown hosts travel TV shows in America and provides lots of handy tips for other travellers on social media.

In a video on her Instagram, she explained why she doesn't want her room to be next to the lifts.

While she usually provides her followers with plenty of words of wisdom, in this video Samantha didn't need to say anything at all to make her point.

Instead, she just stood by the lifts and listened to the loud screeching sound coming from the lifts as they travelled up and down between the floors.

She said that she was able to hear them clearly from down the hall as she tried to relax in her room.

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In the video's title, she said: "My room was half way down the hall and I still heard what I thought was a bird caught inside."

She also revealed that she didn't like staying next to the ice machine because it rattles noisily as people get cubes to take to their room.

And for safety reasons, she avoids staying on the 'first floor' – also known as the ground floor in the UK, because they are considered easier rooms for thieves to break into.

Similarly, for safety reasons guests are also advised to avoid rooms above the fourth floor.

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Lloyd Figgins, a former soldier and now travel risk expert, said the third floor is the best bet for two safety reasons.

He told Sun Online Travel: "Biggest thing that is overlooked is the risk of fire.

"When you arrive in a hotel, you're in an unfamiliar environment which you think is safe. The problem comes that if there were to be a fire alarm go off, what do we do next?

"Do we know where the fire exit is? How are we going to get to it, and is it going to get you to safety? Is it blocked or locked?"

Because of this, Lloyd says "it is always worth walking the route of the fire escape, counting the number of doors between your room and the fire escape".

He added: "Make sure you are staying between the second and fourth stories of the hotel because fire department ladder rarely reaches above fourth story.

"Anything below this is targeted by burglars."

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Meanwhile, Samantha also revealed the weird item she keeps in her hotel safe to prevent her from forgetting things.

And this woman was shocked after she was asked to return items to a hotel room that she was accused of stealing.

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